Frequently Asked Questions…

Where can I buy the book?
The book is available to order here, on Amazon.co.uk and is available on Kindle too.

Can I buy the book in bulk for a class or year group?
Sure, the book can be bought in bulk for groups and schools at a significantly reduced rate – please contact us for more details – including a special deal where Lee can speak about his book before they are handed out.

Why that subtitle and what does “sick” mean?!
“Sick” is a common word used by young people in the U.K. and U.S. – the new version of “sick” means something like…
“crazy, cool”
“Now used as the newest word to replace cool” e.g. “That skateboard is sick!”
“An adjective similar to cool referring to something that is great”
“something a lot of people are using to describe something in a positive manner.”
“when something is done very well or it looks or sounds cool”

Lee chose that sub-title because it is catchy and appealed to his target / focus group.

When was the book released?
10th January 2011, 2nd edition 10 April 2013

What formats will it be available in?
Paperback, audiobook, Kindle.

What size is the book?
It is 104 pages long and approximately 175x124mm designed to be easy to carry and smaller than a school planner

How long did it take to write?
Lee has been working with young people for over twenty years, he researched the book for three years and it took six months to write it

Who is the publisher?
It is published by Engaging Books